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Feb 15 2012, 08:25 PM
Alrighty! This isn't going to be all coded and pretty with dohtml just because I'm just gonna get right to the point, and plus I'll probably be adding/subtracting to this over time so it's just easier with plain text, lol.

Cole Blackburn:

Cole needs his family! He has 6 other brothers and 1 sister (he's the 2nd youngest brother) and their fairytale canon is The Seven Ravens. The brothers are all entirely open as the story doesn't actually give too much detail. They can have whatever job, personality, usergroup that you want. The ages can vary as long as the youngest brother is no younger than 20 and the oldest is no older than early 30s (30-32 would be most reasonable, I think).

Brother 1: Alexander --- 30 --- Neutral --- Police officer
Brother 2: Name --- Age --- Usergroup --- Occupation
Brother 3: Name --- Age --- Usergroup --- Occupation
Brother 4: Name --- Age --- Usergroup --- Occupation
Brother 5: Name --- Age --- Usergroup --- Occupation
Brother 6: Cole --- 23 --- Neutral --- Bartender/musician
Brother 7: Name --- 20-22 --- Usergroup --- Occupation
**Sister: Name --- 18-20 --- Usergroup --- Occupation

**A note about the sister. She will have a different last name than the brothers as she was put up for adoption as a baby because they couldn't afford another mouth to feed *sad face*. Now, the brothers know she's out there somewhere, but they've never had the ability/resources to try and find her or anything. She, however, has no idea she has brothers, but you're more than welcome for her adoptive parents to tell her, she could look for them and we could do some amazing reunion thread or something. I'm open for all ideas! <3

Cole also needs his band! Up In Flames is a punk rock-ish band and was started when Cole was in college. He is sort of the "leader" but they definitely function as a democracy and all of them have an equal voice in all the decisions. They're not hardcore famous yet or anything, but they're pretty well known around Stonebrook and playing all kinds of gigs until they hit their big break. They can be either gender, any usergroup, they'll probably have 2nd jobs (Cole does) since they aren't making that much money just yet and their ages should be between 22-25 so they can all have met/went to school at around the same time:

Lead vocals: Name --- 22-25 --- Usergroup
Lead guitarist + back-up vocals: Cole Blackburn --- 23 --- Neutral
Rhythm guitarist: Name --- 22-25 --- Usergroup
Bassist: Name --- 22-25 --- Usergroup
Drummer: Name --- 22-25 --- Usergroup
Keyboardist: Name --- 22-25 --- Usergroup
Feb 1 2012, 10:04 PM
Hey everyone!

The staff of OUaT have decided we want to get you guys more involved in the customization of our fair city so we need your help! We would like to take any places that your characters would frequent and turn them into a 'canon list' of places. If they get used enough then we may eventually turn them into full-out forums here on the board.

For example: "The Poison Apple" was the made up name for the local bar and will probably become it's own forum if people seem to use/reference it enough.

These places can be anything you'd like! Anywhere that your character would be that we don't already have listed (with a specific name, of course. Not just "school" or "beach" etc). A school? A place of work? Somewhere your character likes to hang out? Anything goes here, lovelies!

So help us, help you and let's make OUaT even more awesome! Just reply here with any places when you happen to think of them and we'll be making a master list.

Happy RPing and keep on being wonderful! <3
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