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Alexander Blackburn


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Feb 20 2012, 11:59 AM
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</div><div style="height:5px;"></div><div style="font-family: times new roman; font-size: 20px; text-align: center; letter-spacing: 8px; line-height: 100%; width: 380px; padding-left: 3px; text-transform: uppercase; color: 444444;">` MY WISH, FOR YOU <i>!</I></div><div style="font-family: times new roman; font-size: 6.5px; text-align: justify; letter-spacing: 3px; line-height: 100%; width: 380px; padding-left: 3px; text-transform: uppercase; color: 444444;">I HOPE THE DAYS COME EASY AND THE NIGHTS COME SLOW, AND EACH ROAD LEADS YOU WHERE YOU WANNA GO. AND IF YOU'RE FACED WITH THE CHOICE AND YOU HAVE TO CHOSE, I HOPE YOU CHOSE THE ONE THAT MEANS THE MOST TO YOU.</div>
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AJ hated working the weekends. It took him away from Maddy and although he had a gaggle of people that were willing to babysit, he didn’t like being away from his baby girl. But with the carnival and ball coming up all of the officers in the city were pulling overtime shifts. AJ had managed to do a couple trade offs though so he could get Sunday afternoon off so he could take Maddy to the opening carnival. So he had gotten up very, very early Sunday morning to take the first eight hour shift and had to leave Maddy in his mom’s capable hands. His parents had been a godsend when he decided to keep Maddy, allowing him to live with them while he got a steady job and now he and Maddy lived a few doors down from them.
Before he left he went into Maddy’s very pink room and gave her a kiss goodbye. Then he took his coffee, lunch and keys and went out the door while his mom entertained herself by cleaning his house. He made the short drive into work and was in his uniform waiting to go out on duty by the time most were getting up and having their first cup of coffee. He got stuck on dispatch duty so he ended up manning the phones for most of the morning. On his break he called his mom to check on Maddy and told her the plan for later that day. Either grandma and grandpa or one of her uncles would bring her into town later and he would take her to the carnival.
He was greeted to a chorus of ‘yays’ before his mom snatched the phone back and told him to stop worrying so much and get back to work. The rest of the day passed quickly cause he got to go out on duty and block off the road for the main part of the carnival and by the time three o’clock rolled around he was looking forward to seeing Maddy. He hurried back to the station to change back into his ‘street’ clothes and headed back out to meet his family.
He was waiting by the entrance to the carnival when he saw his brother Cole pull up with Maddy in the back seat. He smiled as he saw Maddy waving frantically at him from the backseat and waved back, going over to the car to help get her out. Cole had always been a fantastic uncle to Maddy and was probably one of her favorite uncles. As he was getting Maddy out of the car he grinned at his brother as Maddy’s arms latched around his neck.
“ Hey bro, what’s up?” he said over his daughter’s head. “ Were you a good girl for Uncle Cole?” he asked roughing up her hair a bit. “ Thanks for bringing her, man.” he said sticking out his hand in thanks. ” Stick around for a bit and help me win my best girl here a giant teddy bear?” he offered hoping his brother would want to hang around for a while.

</div><div style="font-family: times new roman; font-size: 6.5px; text-align: justify; letter-spacing: 3px; line-height: 100%; width: 380px; padding-left: 3px; text-transform: uppercase; color: 444444;">


</div></center><div style="width: 380px; padding: 3px; text-align: right; letter-spacing: 3px; text-transform: uppercase; font-family: times new roman; font-size: 7px; color: 444444;">TEMPLATE BY ASHOO ! OF CAUTION 2.0</div></div></center>[/dohtml]
Feb 18 2012, 09:49 PM
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<div style="width: 275px; font-family:times new roman; margin-top: -3px; line-height:91%; font-size:8px; text-transform: uppercase; color:#aaa; text-align:justify; margin-right: 5px;"> Loyal-Dependable-Responsible-Prankster- Father

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Here we have Alexander Blackburn, or AJ as most of his friends and family call him. Once one of the rising stars in Stonebrook he seemed to have it all and was on the path to becoming a future NFL star. However his life ended up going totally awry when he got his girlfriend pregnant in college with his daughter Maddy. Rather than abandon her and put her up for adoption he took responsibility for his actions and dropped out of school and moved back to Stonebrook to take care of her. He now works as a police officer for the city and is a single dad. He's also a member of the Blackburn clan, being one of seven brothers and is definitely one of the ultimate family men the town has left. So of course AJ here needs plots to turn his life even more upside down!

Family: Is super important to him. He always has his brothers' back even if they are dead wrong. His idea of a great time is hanging out with his family, whether that be with his daughter, his parents or his brothers. He thinks there isn't enough money in the world to replace the love of a good family. He's also incredibly loyal to them since they stood by him when he chose to keep his daughter.

Friends : They sort of fall under the same boat as family. He's very loyal, dependable, and just likes to have a good time. AJ is your typical man's man, he loves to do athletic stuff like playing football in the park so if outdoorsy stuff is your thing he's your guy. But he also likes to just hang out, maybe shoot some pool and have a few drinks. That is if he can find a sitter for his daughter.
Enemies : AJ isn't really the sort of guy that would go out and seek enemies. But there are bound to be some. Anyone who messes with one of his brothers is an automatic enemy. Maybe people who think he's stupid for giving up his dreams. I dunno, throw something out there and I'll prolly agree to it.
Loves : AJ's daughter Maddy is the love of his life. Or at least so he thinks. When Maddy's mom walked out on him and Maddy it made him a little leery of women to say the very least. That being said he doesn't really tend to date much, and uses Maddy as an excuse. What woman could possibly want a guy with a kid? He's also let his hair grow out longer and has a scruffy beard, sort of an effort to not ever resort to being that sucker who fell for a backstabbing liar again. I think in the future him getting goaded into getting out there again by possibly some friends and or his family could be very fun to play out. So I'm open to possibilities.
I love good drama, so if your idea doesn't fall into any of those categories, that's okay! Post it anyway. If AJ can add to the mayhem chances are I'm good with it. Happy plotting!


</div><div style="color:#555; font-size: 8px; font-family: times; text-align: center; width: 300px; margin-top: 5px; margin-bottom: 10px; line-height: 34%; letter-spacing: 3px; font-style: italic;">TILLIE AT CAUTION <3

Feb 18 2012, 09:21 AM
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<center><div class="bio">
<div class="biotitle"> Alexander James Blackburn </div>
<div class="biobar"><marquee scrolldelay="120"> Alex, AJ - 30 - The Seven Ravens - Neutral – Joe Manganiello </marquee></div>
<img src="http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i64/kthietje/Alex-2-1.jpg" />
<div class="biobar"><marquee scrolldelay="120">Responsible - Loyal - Proud - Athletic - Friendly - Mischievious</marquee></div>

<div class="abox">
<div class="boxtxt"><div class="title2">Personality</div>
AJ is a family man first and foremost. He has always lived by the motto, “ Good Family, Good Friends, and Good Food.” His brothers are his best friends and he’ll always have their back even if their dead wrong in whatever they are doing. Some of his favorite memories of his childhood are wrestling with his brothers in the living room or the huge snowball fights they would get into as kids. Overall AJ is a pretty friendly guy who likes the simple things in life. His idea of a good time is going out with a few friends, having some drinks and maybe playing a little pool.
AJ has a good sense of humor and has been known to play a practical joke or two when the occasion calls for it. He loves to laugh and has a silly side to him could come off as surprising to someone who was just meeting him. Sports has always been something that AJ has been very passionate about since he was a little boy. He found that he had a natural aptitude for football as a small child and played all the way up through highschool. He still plays now in the park when there is good weather but circumstances prevented him from pursuing it further.
The true love of AJ’s life is his little girl Madeline. Although things went horribly wrong with her mother, Maddy has her daddy’s heart wrapped right around her little finger. AJ gave up his dreams of playing pro football and dropped out of college to take care of her after her mom got pregnant and he’s never looked back. Although he presents a gruff exterior, AJ was romantic enough to want to do the right thing by Maddy’s mom. He wanted to get married and raise Maddy as a family. But it turned out Maddy’s mom was only interested in AJ as long as he was on the path to becoming a pro football player. So now it’s just Maddy and AJ. AJ has made Maddy his entire world, and embraced the role of being a single dad.
Because he has a mouth to feed AJ did the responsible thing and went through police training and now works as a police officer in Stonebrook. It’s a good job, with flexible hours and he’s near his family which helps take the burden off. To AJ it’s just a job though, something to pay the bills. He still has pangs of nostalgia when he plays football but to him Maddy is worth it.
<div class="title2">History</div>
AJ was born the first of eventually eight children. Being the son of a carpenter and a housewife made things tight financially in the Blackburn family there was enough love to make up for it in spades. Alex didn’t have his parents to himself for long as the rest of his family came quickly after him. AJ took his role as the eldest brother pretty seriously. He took the philosophy “ No one can pick on my brothers but me” to heart and would get into a tussle or two if anyone dared pick on his family.
As AJ grew up a little bit, his dad decided to enroll him in football in an effort to curb his aggressive behavior into something productive. Suffice to say AJ took to it like a fish to water. He also liked it because his Dad was pretty actively involved and it was something they could do as a father-son activity. It ended up being a great outlet for not just AJ but a few of his other brothers as well although he was the first. It was not an uncommon sight to see the Blackburn boys out in their front yard tossing the ball around.
Throughout school AJ’s grades were average. He never really did more than what was required in order for him to play football. That was where his true passion lay, he watched every game, studied every playbook. By the time he reached highschool he was the star quarterback and captain of his team. He made all-star teams, led his highschool to the state championship. That brought in all the major recruitment agents from colleges all across the country. It seemed as if AJ Blackburn was going to get out of Stonebrook and make something out of himself.
AJ ended up picking a college that was known for being the gateway to a pro-football career and went away from Stonebrook to pursue his dreams of eventually becoming an NFL quarterback. He knew it was a long shot but he was willing to take that chance. One thing he didn’t count on was meeting Miss Melanie Kingsley. A freshman pre-law student and an all around gold digger and awful person. But AJ fell hard for her, he was away from home and had always been so focused on football that he’d never really had a long term relationship before her.
For the first two years it was great, as long as AJ was in the papers and winning she was happy. They seemed like the “it” couple. A future NFL star and a lawyer, they were going to have it all. AJ was so in love he thought he was going to marry that girl. He even brought her home to meet his family.The fall of junior year when Melanie dropped a bomb on him. She was pregnant. At first it didn’t impact their relationship to badly. Melanie thought it would be the way to make sure that she was tied to AJ’s rising star for a long time. AJ was actually excited about becoming a dad. He came from a loving family and had always wanted a family of his own.
But once the baby was born, everything changed. Madeline Blackburn was born a happy and healthy baby and was the apple of her daddy’s eye. AJ tried to keep up with his schooling and work to support the baby. But it was too much, he was late to practice and wasn’t performing well at school. He had to make a choice. And he chose Maddy. That was his baby and he wanted to do right by her. That didn’t sit well with Melanie who was only with AJ because she wanted to be the wife of a future NFL star. She left when Maddy was a little less than one year old.
Broke, heartbroken and with no reason to stay in Mississipi AJ and Maddy went home to Stonebrook. For those first few years he relied pretty heavily on his family to help him while he got settled. He and Maddy ended up living with his parents for the first few years of her life while AJ got a steady job and saved up enough money to give Maddy a life he thought she deserved. He ended up going through police training and now works as an officer for Stonebrook and now six years old Maddy goes to the elementary school in Stonebrook.
AJ now lives a relatively quiet life in Stonebrook working as a single dad and taking care of his daughter. He doesn't really date much, preferring to use Maddy as an excuse. His only past time is the occasional night out his brothers drag him out on.
<div class="title2">The Player</div>
<b>NAME:</b> Quinn<br />
<b>OTHER CHARACTERS:</b> Belinda Hamilton<br />
<b>RP EXPERIENCE:</b><br /> Tons
<b>HOW DID YOU FIND US?:</b><BR /> Belinda told me where to find you
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