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» Stories to tell, --Abby's wanteds!
 Posted: Jan 30 2012, 10:21 AM
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Okay so this here is SCARLETT DEVEREUX'S biological father, name and PB is up to you! Scarlett was born to couple Jacques and Candice, except, Scar was the product of an affair. Her mother, Candice, and her husband Jacques divorce was final when Scar was just three months old, which means that they seperated while Candice was pregnant. Because Jacques wasn't Scar's father, she never knew him, and her biological father wanted nothing to do with her.

Scarlett and her mother moved to Stonebrook when she was a young girl, and Scarlett lived grew up with her grandmother after her mother bailed for places and reasons unknown to Scarlett. The only solid person scar had in her life was her grandmother who did everything she could to make the young girl feel like she was loved and wanted.

Her world was rocked upside down when this person passed away after a long battle with cancer while Scarlett was out getting supplies. Scarlett was so distraught after losing the one person she grew to trust that it sent her into a downward spiral. Enter in her real father, who searched her out, (this is unknown to scarlett), and disguised himself as a lowly hunter who needed help. Scarlett taking the gentleman in, again, for reasons unknown to her, felt compelled to tell him everything, and he helped her come through her depression.

Now the plot I have in mind is for this guy to come back into her life, maybe have some sort of hit and miss meetings, before they actually meet. I'm sure the initial reaction to having her father come around after all this time will be both shocked and anger, but I would like to see something come of it, and a relationship build. I'm open for twists and turns so if this is something that interests you, let me know! The only thing I ask is the PB is old enough so he could realistically look like a father.

This character is for JONATHAN PARKER, who is looking for information on his birth parents. Growing up, Jonathan always felt there was something off about himself and his parents. Said feeling never went away so he took it upon himself to do a little research to find out. Unsure of what said investigation was going to uncover, imagine the shock that Jonathan held when he came across an old book that held a clue. This led him to obtaining a job at the antique shop.

The owner of the antique shop is who I am looking for here. I would like to see the owner be a member of one of these groups: VILLAIN, NEUTRAL, or other. I would prefer VILLAIN but am cool with any of the aforementioned. Why these groups in particular? Well because I want Jonathan's character to be tested. The idea I have is that Jonathan's parent's weren't exactly on the up and up which is why they gave him up in the first place. I would like to see that the antique shop owner knew his parents, and kinda sorta blackmails Jonathan into doing his bidding for him in order to keep his job or something. This will test Jonathan's loyalty and I think force him to either abandon his search OR continue on, consequences be damned. Name and PB are up to you.

credit to tillie at caution
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