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» Vanderbilt, Thaddeus, Sidekick
Thaddeus Vanderbilt
 Posted: Mar 2 2012, 10:42 PM
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PLAYED BY Thad Vanderbilt
Thaddeus Vanderbilt




Thaddeus Nathaniel Vanderbilt
Thad - 25 – Little Briar Rose - Sidekick – Bradley James
Insecure - Honest - Klutzy - Loyal – Oblivious – Friendly
Thaddeus is a fairly intelligent man trapped in the body of an insecure and often times bumbling boy. Growing up with immense expectations and siblings that excelled far beyond he ever did, well one would only expect an immense inferiority complex. It seemed no matter how hard he tried, nothing ever really amounted to much, and thus he now always second guesses his actions/thoughts.

Thad has the best intentions in all he does, but his lack of awareness can often cause him to fall into kinship with the wrong people. He prefers seeing the good in others; even those that you would think have none. In a sense this is a naivety on his part, but it also happens to be one of his strengths that he’s completely unaware of.

Most people probably see Thad as a harmless, bumbling, slightly-less-than-average guy with few redeemable qualities…and in his own mind this is right on. Fortunately for Thaddeus, he and everyone else would be quite wrong. Despite not reaching the goals and expectations of his parents, Thad is not completely without skill, he just was never put into situations or areas where he could excel. In other words, if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will forever think it's stupid…and so Thaddeus has.

Public speaking and most academics were never strengths for this young man, but Thad has an uncanny ability to gain peoples trust through his blatant honesty and harmless/blundering ways. In addition, the arts and athletics have always been interests of his that he has never been able to fully cultivate (namely sketching/painting and mixed martial arts/fencing).

The Vanderbilt’s are fairly well known the east coast, and so it was only expected that they produce extra-ordinary heirs that only received the highest of educations and the best of everything. Thaddeus happens to be the middle child of three, and the most ordinary of the Vanderbilt children.

All throughout highschool Thaddeus barely scrapped by with lack-luster grades and few extra-curriculars that his parents approved of. Class President was far beyond his reach, Star quarter back was unattainable, and Thad had little talent for editing yearbooks or class newspapers. He did quite enjoy Fencing, Art class, and Glee club, but these were things he quickly had to be dropped so he could focus on the “more resume-filling” things that his parents pushed upon him. Thaddeus, being the approval-seeking, insecure young man he was easily bent to his parents will.

College applications came next, and Thad was certain he’d get into no schools, his grades were not note-worthy. Perhaps it was sweet-talking on his parents part, or maybe the last name Vanderbilt held resonance with the Dean of the College in Stonebrook, but really it was most likely the large donation his family made to the school that eventually got him accepted into a Pre-Law program; pre-law was of course his parents idea, not Thad’s.

Graduating with his degree in Law was the most grueling process he ever endured, and Thad barely managed to get by. During this process he made acquaintances with Francesca Stiles, though not of her own free will. It was a forced co-op project in a class they shared that created their meeting. Thad showed little skill in Law, but Francesca made up for his lacking, and soon managed to both dumbfound and amaze him. It did not take long for him to develop an admiration for Francesca, a powerful tool that allows for her to easily manipulate him if she so wishes.

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NAME:Thad is fine
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:RP listing someplace
Fairy Godmother
 Posted: Mar 3 2012, 11:37 AM
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