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Jan 29 2012, 03:43 PM
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<div style="width: 350px; font-family: courier new; font-size: 30px; line-height: 90%; color: #717171; text-align: center;">KEEP ON DANCING TIL THE WORLD ENDS.<br><br>
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<center><b>Date:</b> mid january</b>, <b>Tagged:</b> OPEN</center><p>
It was a cold day in Stonebrook. The previous nights snow dusting had decorated the trees, and sparkled in the sunlight. Francesca, however, was holed up in a corner of the library because she had a brief for her criminal law class due at the end of the week. She still didn't really understand all the legal mumbo jumbo, but she understood enough to have a passing grade. Well she wouldn't really tell anyone that her teacher threatened to call her parents if she didn't buckle down in his class. She couldn't help it if everyone else was inept and she stated the obvious. <p>

Pulling her feet up to rest on a nearby table, she glanced out the window, all the while twirling her black locks between her fingers. Somewhere out in there was something that she so desperately wanted to get her hands on, something that would make everyone stop bad-mouthing her family under their hushed whispers. Finding it and earning the bounty weighted heavily on her mind; more so than the stupid brief she had to do. Shoving her books to one side, she stood up, pulling her sweater down and began to make a move across the library. There had to be <i>something</i> in the shelves that told the story of the curse. She doubted there would be any clues left to be found, (considering since the passing of Queen Marisa no one has found it) but there had to be <i>something</i>. But what, what could be here that others haven't already picked through? This is where her investigative skills would come in handy. If she had any.<p>

She moved swiftly towards the research section, almost positive there would be something in the old history books about the world in which Queen Marisa ruled and died, but finding what she was looking for was like looking for a needle in a haystack. She wasn't even really sure where to begin. Surely someone who had the smarts would come along and offer their services? She took a moment to glance around the library, and noticed that anyone who had any sort of potential didn't bother looking up from their books to take notice in her. Well that just wouldn't do. With a huff, she intentionally reached for a book that was much to high for her, in hopes that someone would see out of the corner of their eye her struggle and immediately come over to assist. Now, which one of these dummies would do the honor?

MADE BY INDIA AT ATF. <p> Credit to creating pulsars @ Caution for the header.
Jan 26 2012, 09:58 PM


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<td valign="top"><div style="width: 200px; height: 300px; padding-right: 3px; font-family: arial narrow; font-size: 10px; text-transform: lowercase; text-align: justify; overflow: auto;"><div style="font-family: tahoma; font-size: 18px; color: #d86eea; text-align: center; text-transform: lowercase;">at least then i'd be free
<div style="font-family: arial narrow; font-size: 7px; text-transform: uppercase; text-align: justify; color: #000000;">fate is an elegant cold hearted whore, she loves salting my wounds, yeah she enjoys nothing more. i bleed confidence from deep within my guts now. i'm the king of this pity party when my jewel encrusted crown.</div></div>


francesca rose stiles. 24. intelligent, spoiled, focused.<p>

As a new assistant to the District Attorney of Stonebrook, Francesca is a force to be reckoned with. With her purebred line, she is a rather popular resident of Stonebrook. Her being popular isn't for reasons that most people would want to be known for, no, she is a descendant of Queen Marisa, and her family current lives in the castle. She's heard all the rumors of the castle growing up, however, it was always home to her, and she is rather defensive about what she hears on the street.<br><br>

She took the assistant district attorney job for one main reason. Cash flow. While she doesn't technically need the money, it is a good place for her to be in order to follow through with her plan. She has a desire to be the person that locates the curse and returns it for the bounty.

friends - Since the girl really has a one track mind, she really isn't looking for friends. I'm sure anyone she believes will be able to bring her to her final goal will be considered a 'friend'. enemies - Everyone and anyone who gets in her way will be considered an enemy and will be need to be taken care of. lovers - She's not a prude, but again, she's got her own agenda and if it happens, it happens.


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Jan 26 2012, 05:41 PM
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<center><div class="bio">
<div class="biotitle">francesca rose stiles</div>
<div class="biobar"><marquee scrolldelay="120">Fran, Frannie, Rosie - 24 - Little Briar Rose - Villain - Katie McGrath </marquee></div>
<img src="http://i1238.photobucket.com/albums/ff498/onceuponatimerp/franappheader.png" />
<div class="biobar"><marquee scrolldelay="120">focused - practical - rebellious - spoiled - determined - intelligent</marquee></div>

<div class="abox">
<div class="boxtxt"><div class="title2">Personality</div>
Francesca to put it mildly is a rather spoiled stuck up bint. However, in this rather spoiled and stuck up bint, lies a girl who is extremely smart and determined. She's not one that holds in her feelings, and she makes it quite obvious what side of the fence she is on. For her own selfish needs, she wants the bounty that is offered for the return of the families curse. Her family of course, believes that she is just trying to help. Somewhere deep down, she is, but she never will actually voice that outloud to anyone.<p>

She's a wee bit of a manipulator and a smooth talker. It comes rather easy to her to twist statements of others in order to get what she wants and it doesn't make her feel any less of a person to do it. She knows what she wants and goes after it and in most instances, gets what she wants. If anyone were to tell her no, she would make them suffer in one way or another, although she's never really harmed anyone. She probably would seek revenge on said person though.<p>

She's rather conservative in her attire for two reasons. She wants people to fear her but make that good impression on those in the office. She doesn't particularly care about them persay, but she does want them to respect her. She's cooperative to a fault and speaks to those she believes deserve her attention.

<div class="title2">History</div>
Everyone in Stonebrook should know the name Stiles. And if they don't, then they obviously haven't done their homework. Well at least that would Francesca would tell them if she ever heard that come out of someone's mouth. Francesca Rose is one of 6 children to parents, Marcus and Millicent Stiles and a descendant of Queen Marisa and it was extremely important to Queen Marisa that the residence she called home remained in the family. For this reason, Marcus and Milicent maintained the home from Marcus's father, who inherited the property from his father. <p>

Francesca was the apple of her father's eye, and was treated like the royalty she is. She never wanted for not, and her parents always made sure she always got whatever she wanted. Her siblings are much the same way, but for one reason or another, she's not as close to them as she once was. As most young children do, they caused their fare share of trouble, and for one reason or another, she always managed to blame the older siblings, and more often than not, her parents believed her. Hey it paid to be the youngest! This caused a lot of amniosity between her and her siblings but Francesca didn't particularly care about any of it. She just knew that she liked getting what she wanted. She took great pride in knowing she could do or say anything to get what she wanted, a trait that became quite useful later in life. <p>

Her family's money bought the best nannies for the children so there was no need or worry about how the children would react in a public school setting. Not that Francesca would ever be caught dead in one of those anyway. She was a bright child, but had her entire ideals skewed for one reason or another, and she totally knew how to play it up to benefit her own desires. Once she was old enough, she got her diploma and graduated with those 'other' kids in town. <p>

It was hard for Francesca to figure out what she wanted to do with her life, when everything she ever wanted she always got, and her parents had insisted that she do -something-. With dollar signs in her eyes she decided that she pursue a law degree. She didn't really have any other reasons for making that decision than the money it would provide, however, having a legal background would help her, and those like her, follow through on any leads that may come from finding the curse. After college, she got her degree, and went to work for the DA of Stonebrook.

<div class="title2">The Player</div>
<b>NAME:</b> (optional, if you want to keep the OOC/IC line)<br />
<b>OTHER CHARACTERS:</b> (optional if you want to keep the OOC/IC line)<br />
<b>RP EXPERIENCE:</b><br />
<b>HOW DID YOU FIND US?:</b><BR />
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