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» Preparation begins!, [Chris, OPEN]
Guinevere Gothel
 Posted: Feb 20 2012, 05:32 PM
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Guinevere Gothel




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Guinevere loved this time of year. Not because of what it represented, but because of what it provided for the town. Not everyone agreed with the reasons behind throwing a deceased queen a birthday party, however, what everyone did like was coming together. Sure there were some people that sat idle, choosing to not be involved, but for the majority of the folks, they used this gathering to catch up with old friends, and enjoy each other's company. Things like that is what made Guinevere enjoy the annual festivities just as much as the next person.

Course, it didn't help much that she was chosen to sponsor the pie eating contest. The kitchen was bustling behind her, as she wiped off the counter behind Mr. Robertson, in preparation for the big event. She wasn't necessarily complaining, she enjoyed the business and it really helped her to stay focused and keep her mind off of other things that was happening in her personal life. Now, had she been anyone else, she probably would have felt like sponsoring an event for the festival was more of a chore, but she honestly did love it, and really loved to dote on the other residents. Not to mention, it gave her a kick to see them enjoy her foods so much. She would be lying if she didn't like what all the free publicity did for her restaurant.

The only drawback? Not being able to really participate in the festivities of her own. She was certain her parents would have loved going, and she would be willing to bet that they were planning on stealing just a couple of moments for themselves to enjoy something. Knowing them, they would probably turn up at the contest, just to check up on her. She wasn't really obligated for anything else, but baking all those pies is what kept her busy during the days leading up to it. At least she would be able to enjoy the concert and the ball the following night. Well, if someone was willing to ask her.

Getting lost in the thought of what she were to wear if that ever did happen, she shook her head clear of those thoughts the moment she heard the bell ring above the entry door. "Mr. Sinclair... You did come out, just like you said.." she looked up, and discovered it wasn't Mr. Sinclair, but.. someone else. "Oh, my apologies." she gave the man a smile, "How many?" she asked, lifting her gaze to meet his.

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Christophe Myers
 Posted: Mar 18 2012, 02:06 PM
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PLAYED BY Prince Christophe
Christophe Myers




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Chris's Outfit
Chris hadn't planned on being out of the house today, but he could hear the various festivities from his house and had gotten curious.

He felt like a tourist in the town, considering that he hadn't been out this way since he had moved into town with Bel. There was so much going on, street vendors, games and contests.

Chris had stopped at stopped at a jewelry booth, a black and white diamond collar with matching earrings had caught his eye. "Looking for something for a special someone?" The vendor asked. She was a slender woman with pin straight, long, auburn hair and emerald green eyes. Chris found her quite beautiful, would have flirted if he was not already taken, instead he nodded and flashed his million-watt smile. "Yes, I was just looking at this collar here. I was thinking about getting it for my future fiance." with that the woman's eyes lit up "Oh, congratulations!" Chris nodded his thanks and pulled out his debit card. "Wrap it for me will you?" After the transaction, he continued down the road, following his nose more than anything.

His nose led him to a quaint little restaurant. Inside Chris couldn't help but be amazed at how busy the place actually was, in fact, he almost got run over by a waitress. The waitress mumbled her apologies without really looking at him.

Chris's eye were pulled away from the over-burdened waitress by a voice in front of him "How many?"

"Oh, no, not Mr. Sinclair, sorry, Mr. Myers.Um...What flavors do you have? "

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